US journalist Alison Weir’s open letter to fellow Americans on Palestine-Israel conflict

Palestine which is now burning for years at the hand of its oppressor Israel is still unknown to many Americans because their media hides a lot of significant things to gain sympathy for Israel. Alison Weir tried to take the mask-off the face of US media in her address, she researched, collected facts, visited the region which is the centre of this conflict, met families and also took part in the funerals.

US reporter Alison Weir (L) and image captured during ongoing bombing of Israel on Palestinians (R)

US reporter Alison Weir (L) and image captured during ongoing bombing of Israel on Palestinians (R)

She is the founder & executive director of a US-based non-profit organization ‘If American Knew’ and also the president of another US-based non-profit organization ‘The Council for the National Interest’.

The letter to Americans which Alison Weir wrote when she visited Palestinian land (now called Israel by some people) is:

Come to Palestine and see how your tax dollars are spent.
Visit a hospital with me and see a boy with a bullet hole in his back.
See children with scared eyes and legs that don’t work any more, a terrified old man with his neck swathed in bandages from the bullet that passed through it as he sat in his home drinking his tea.

Come with me and visit mothers of dead, injured, gone children, thousands of them and tell them how we didn’t know that we supplied the bullets that tore flesh, broke bones and destroyed lives, destroyed lives.

Talk to old women who have to kowtow to Uzi toting 19-year-olds that tell them
“no, you can’t go visit your son today…
no, you can’t take a drive in the country…
no, you can’t go to the hospital and have your chemotheraphy, dialasis, operation”
and watch as they die.

Come to the borders with me, invisible lines in the sand that Israel has drawn with it’s tanks and helicopters and 200 nuclear weapons and watch the mothers with difficult births deliver dead babies and die themselves at military check-points, death-points.

When soldiers with the ultimate power decide not to let them pass.

Listen to these young warriors with their lethal weapons and deadly tempers proclaim
“we’ve decided to close this road and if you don’t like it, we will shoot you…
( as we already have 10,000 of your countrymen )
…don’t look at us wrong or we will shoot out your eyes…
( as we have 28 of your children and left 27 of them with one eye )
…go home Arab and wait and pray that we don’t decide to shell it…
( as we have thousands of these others that were in our way, with the wonderful singing missiles that the US gives us. )
Go harvest your crops Arab!”
( until we decide to bulldoze your 100 year old Date Palms and ancient Olive groves, your Strawberry fields forever gone! )

Come to Palestine Americans, see your tax dollars at work, millions and millions every day, every day and weep with me for our victims and guilt, and then say no more.

She was threatened by Israeli terrorists (people call them soldiers) and bullets were also fired on her during her visit. She is continuously receiving life-threats from pro-Israeli factions.

Here is her address to a seminar at Case Western Reserve University, (a private research university) in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.



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One thought on “US journalist Alison Weir’s open letter to fellow Americans on Palestine-Israel conflict

  1. Youknow betterthanthat July 28, 2014 at 12:11 am - Reply

    Israel has been shot at by over 5000 missiles this year and I guess they have had enough. Report that.

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